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Concrete Flatwork Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Best Pavement for Your Property

Concrete flatwork is rapidly becoming the superior surface choice for basements, garages, driveways and patios. It provides a wide variety of benefits and features that put it ahead of other materials. When you are deciding what pavement to get for your house, consider our durable, customizable concrete.

What is Concrete Flatwork

Flatwork is the term used to describe a slab of smooth concrete. It generally has a sub-base made from aggregate rock or rebar and is formed with a wooden frame. Once the concrete has been poured over the base, an optional design can be etched into the surface. When the material has set, the contractor then removes the frame. What’s left is a perfectly smooth paved surface.

Customizable Design

The options for concrete patterns and colors are increasing every day. We offer a wide range of design selections, such as faux brick or wood. Dyes can also be used to match your new flatwork with your existing concrete to add a unique touch to your property.  

Durable Material

Unlike other paving materials, concrete is extremely durable. It requires very little repair and can stay in pristine condition for years. Investing in flatwork is also cost-effective because you won’t have to pay for constant maintenance or replacement services.  

Your Concrete Contractor

Our team at Ted Miedema Contractor, Inc. is always ready to provide Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the surrounding areas with top-quality concrete flatwork services. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and offer efficient, affordable work. Don’t wait to get professionally laid pavement for your property. Get started with your free estimate today.